I grew up in Silicon Valley, and I believe that's where my passion for exploring how the analog and digital intersect was born. Below are some of my favorite things, for more about my academic endeavors, check out the rest of my website.

best furry friend



Prim joined my life journey in 2012, and brought a curiosity and love for adventure into my world. Now we can be found on long walks in parks, or "Saturdaying" on the couch with some Gilmore Girls. 



Jetsetting friends

One perk to living in six states in the U.S. during my life thus far is having friends all over the country. I often use this to my advantage, and combine friend reunions with cultural explorations all over the country. 



the challenge

I grew up in a family of voracious readers, and my family still compares our number of pages read each year. In my best year, I read 16,508 pages of fiction (54 books - and I still lost!). My favorite genre is contemporary literary fiction, to check out what I'm currently reading, see my goodreads account. Each year I also participate in a very unofficial tournament of books with a group of friends, based on the Tournament of Books put on by The Morning News